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ObjectMethod Components

ObjectMethod Components Cross-Platform Visual Programming Environment for C++

ObjectMethod Components provides an innovative strong visual programming environment for cross-platform C++ software development.



ObjectMethod Hemisphere

ObjectMethod Hemisphere Cross-Platform Application Server for C++

ObjectMethod Hemisphere is an Apache HTTP Server and C++-based application server that offers improved simplicity and speed of execution, Hemisphere provides C++-based remote method invocation (RMI), server-side tag libraries, session persistence and more.



Oxide Open Source Software

Oxide Open Source Cross-Platform Frameworks, Applications and Utilities

We've packed up all of the open-source frameworks, applications, and utilities we use at ObjectMethod.

This layer should provide both the support needed by the ObjectMethod Applicatons and also serve as a convenient and curated open source distribution for other development efforts.

We hope you find it useful. And feel free to suggest new additions. We'll listen to the best suggestions.



ObjectMethod Software, Inc.
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tel: 617-448-8014 . fax: 530-999-9999